Interior Secretary Salazar Makes His Long-Awaited Announcement of the Addition of This Pioneering Place to America\'s List of Distinguished Sites

Yesterday, March 11, 2013, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar finally dropped the other shoe and announced the addition of 13 new sites to the 2000+ already-named National Historic Landmarks. Among them is our own Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey. The press release highlights \"an Alabama bridge that was site of \'Bloody Sunday\' during the civil rights movement, a 400-year-old historic district showcasing the influence of Spanish culture in Puerto Rico, the home of author and abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, and a historic stadium used by Negro league baseball teams in 20th-century segregated America.\"

The detailed announcement reads: \"Hinchliffe Stadium, Paterson, N.J., ... is an exceptional example of a Negro league baseball stadium in 20th-century segregated America. The stadium served as home field for teams such as the New York Black Yankees and the New York Cubans during a period when the institutionalized practice of \'separate but equal\' facilities was the accepted norm. Eleven current members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame played at Hinchliffe Stadium.\" Friends of Hinchliffe Stadium, though pleased and proud, wonder if the statement perhaps inadvertently implies racial separation at the stadium. One of the distinctive features of Hinchliffe\'s history is precisely that, while the racial segregation of American sports made it a haven for teams without access to major league status or accommodation, it also welcomed integrated play and never segregated its seating. It was thus a truly unique and pioneering space beyond \"Jim Crow,\" modeling the future of sports in America.

What\'s more, Hinchliffe saw the play of 20 future Baseball Hall-of-Famers, not 11. Even as we try to rectify any stated or implied inaccuracies, however, we revel in the national-level recognition this status offers the stadium. The Friends are pleased and proud to be in such distinguished company. See: http://www.doi.gov/news/pressreleases/americas-great-outdoors-secretary-salazar-director-jarvis-designate-13-new-national-historic-landmarks.cfm